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Primitivo and Zinfandel: Time Travel Made Possible

Primitivo and Zinfandel: Time Travel Made Possible
January 19, 2019 Lauren Ramos
In Wine

On Saturday, January 19th, prepare to be transported as we continue this month’s traditional vs modern tasting theme.

Antica Enotria Primitivo and Acre Zinfandel: Made from genetically identical, centuries-old grape variatals, these bold, full-bodied reds are often known to share similar character traits such as deep pigments, higher alcohol content and nuances of spice and jammy berries, yet they are amazingly dissimilar.  By acknowledging their uncommon upbringing and how time and terroir can make all the difference to one’s palate, each wine tells its insightful tale.

As you sip the Antica Enotria from Southeastern Italy’s Puglia region, and are introduced to aromas of violet, damp earth, and clove, imagine yourself there, at the heel of the boot, 200 years ago.  Pronounced notes of fig jam and salty olive brine fill your mouth; you can see the Adriatic in the distance, and feel the chill of the coastal breeze, while your rustic, stone abode is filled with the comforting scents of the hearty roasted vegetable and farro stew, cooking over an open hearth.  You savor the Primitivo, perfectly paired with the meal you share with your family, who are all impressed with your culinary prowess.

All right, you can come back now–back to your home in Central New Jersey.  You are entertaining friends and enjoying a glass of Acre Zinfandel from Napa, where the zins ripen early and are bursting with juicy flavor from the hot California sun.  Bright blackberry notes on the nose, with subtle hints of pipe tobacco and moss, lead into beautifully balanced flavors of strawberry preserves, soft oak, caramel, and cocoa powder that delight and intrigue your palate.   It is a frosty January evening and you are preparing a chic and modern take on an old, Italian recipe for stew—you cleverly add Zinfandel braised short-ribs to your dish and harmonize the dining experience.  You have a brief moment of déjà vu, and take another sip.

We look forward to sharing traditional and modern tasting experiences with you this weekend.  No need to bring a time machine—we’ve got a flux capacitor in the back.