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May Flowers and California Grapes

May Flowers and California Grapes
May 17, 2019 Lauren Ramos
In Wine

Can it really be that we are half-way through May already?  We are down to our final two weekends of tasting California and we wanted to share some of our most popular selections with you.  If you haven’t tried them, now is your chance to get to know them and sip what they have to offer.

Let’s begin with Ironstone Vineyards.  Owned and operated by the Kautz family out in California’s Central Valley, within the Lodi AVA, the Kautz’s began farming in Lodi in 1926; the family’s first grapes were planted in 1968 and they now proudly hold 5,000 acres of vineyard.  They are a fourth-generation family of growers and a prime example of how rewarding good hard work, dedication, and a love of the land can be.  We offer the Ironstone Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir for you to taste and benefit from the fruits of the Kautz family’s labor.

The grapes from which comprise the Ironstone Sauvignon Blanc are grown in the Mokelumne River, a sub-AVA of Lodi.  Cool Pacific Ocean breezes by way of the Mokelumne help to bring forth the outstanding character and flavor in this wine.  With pronounced aromas of zesty citrus and green apple, this Sauvignon Blanc unfolds into flavors of sweet passion fruit and white peach.  There is a touch of tartness in the finish that is crisp, refreshing, and altogether satisfying.  Try this delicious, light-bodied white with a vast assortment of foods ranging from goat cheese, chicken, pork, turkey, red snapper, sea bass, lobster, or white lasagna.

The Ironstone Pinot Noir grapes are grown in the Kautz family’s Micke Grove Vineyard (planted in 2006), also in the Mokelumne River sub-AVA.  Although this Pinot may be light in body, it is certainly full on personality.  With aromas of luscious black cherries mixed with cloves, spice, and a touch of vanilla, supple flavors of cherry and plum follow with a bit of earthiness.  Silky-soft tannins blend harmoniously with subtle notes of black tea and tobacco to bring about a finish that lingers exquisitely, like that amazing note at the end of that song you love; and even though you know you will never hit or hold it as long as the singer, you go for it anyway, and it’s brilliant and always hits the spot…yeah, it’s like that.

We now appropriately move on to Bliss Family Vineyards.  As the story goes, Irv Bliss, a farmer in Sonoma County, California who grew pears, prunes, and walnuts, was also drawn to the beauty of the rolling hills and unspoiled land of Mendocino, just north of Sonoma.  One day in the 1930s, he found himself on a road in Mendocino looking out over a picturesque ranch–Irv had dreams of one day acquiring land and growing wine grapes there.  Years later, Irv gathered his savings and bid on a piece of property, sight unseen, which, fantastic as it may seem, turned out to be that very same ranch!  After sixty years, Irv’s family carries on with its third generation of farmers, celebrating the land and showcasing beautiful wines made from the great grapes they grow.

The Bliss Estate Chardonnay fills your nose with wonderful aromas of fresh peach, crisp, green apple, and lemon meringue.  Slight hints of butter and vanilla tickle your tongue while a bit of zippy acidity balances it all for a truly pleasing Chardonnay experience.  You can enjoy this full-bodied white with the likes of many different kinds of seafood, poultry, or your best pal.

The Bliss Estate Cabernet Sauvignon opens up in the glass with enticing aromas of fig, espresso bean, and rich chocolate.  Hints of coffee and dark fruit linger on the long, soft finish of this big red which boasts great balance and flavor.  Versatility is also an attribute of the Bliss Cabernet as it will pair with everything: from barbecue and a rack of lamb, to a rainy night.

Help us celebrate these families, the lands they care for, and the lovely wines that they make.  We are proud to have them in our collection and can’t wait to taste them with you.  Cheers!