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Thanksgiving Pairings 2018

Thanksgiving Pairings 2018
November 18, 2018 Lauren Ramos

Thanksgiving is a holiday which is built around tradition: The traditional place where the family will gather; the tradition of discussing what will be viewed on the television throughout the day; the tradition of finalizing the menu, deciding who is bringing what, and certainly, most importantly…the ever challenging tradition of selecting the wine (The word “tradition” may be replaced with the word “argument” at any point here).

We at NosVino would like to alleviate some of this traditional tension and lend a helping hand with your Thanksgiving wine pairings.  We have created a Thanksgiving 6pk that will cover all your bases and please every dish and family member equally.

Beginning the day with something bubbly puts everyone in a fun and festive mood, so we suggest you greet your guests with Farnum Hill Extra Dry Cider to refresh their palates.  Its elegant and balanced acidity with notes of tropical fruit and fresh herbs will get them ready to take on that turkey.  The two whites we have chosen are perfect for appetizers and will surely stand up to the main course as well.  Ironstone Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc is a beautiful and aromatic white that is crisp and delicate—perfect to pair with mild cheesesThe Empire Estate Dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes is a wonderful example of what New York can do with this grape.  It is crisp and fruit forward—a well-rounded white that, while dry, retains its Riesling integrity.  If you are stuffing any mushrooms with crab meat, invite this wine to tag along.

The reds, though drastically different in style will play off of each other seamlessly as your dinner progresses.  Pinot Noir is notoriously partnered up with the Thanksgiving bird; Ironstone Pinot Noir will help you realize why.  It is soft and light-bodied yet bold with notes of spice and dried cherry that harmonize with nuances of vanilla and earth.  The dark and mysterious Valravn Old Vine Zinfandel is utterly seductive with its charms, and is bursting with richness and complexity, and a lush red-berry jam character that will match the most savory of sides on your plate.  As dessert approaches, and your guests cannot possibly consume another bite, reach for the Barnard Griffin Port, and they will find room.  This stunning fortified charmer boasts flavors of bittersweet chocolate and brown sugar with notes of baking spice…enough said.  Dinner is served.

Because we certainly do not want the beer drinkers to feel left out or forgotten, we have put together a quick beer menu for what we believe will make, a Hoppy Thanksgiving.  First up we have Weihenstephaner Original Premium (try to say that after you’ve had a few).  This light Bavarian Lager crafted in the world’s oldest brewery is the way to go to start out easy and slow.  We then progress to Downeast’s Winter Blend.  This cider belongs at a holiday table as it comprised of fresh apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and toasted oak chips.  Then we get a little wacky and go with Evil Twin Brewing’s Lost Souls IPA.  This citrusy and moderately bitter beer is solid and sophisticated and a welcome addition to the gathering.  Last but certainly not least, we are finishing off the evening with Stone Xocoveza Imperial Stout.  No need for dessert, this beauty is brewed with chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, Chile pepper and infused with coffee—a milk stout made to mimic Mexican hot chocolate.  You can thank us later.

A Very Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Cheers and Enjoy.